Sunday, 31 August 2014

Green gram and potatoes gravy/ Chilkewali moong aur aloo ki sabji

Just I paused as I started scribbling here, just to have a look how I came till here, a flashback, went through each recipe, each post till date and I am bewildered to note that I came a long way through. 2 months back I lost all my pictures related to blog posts I had, got erased from the system as it crashed, Had I kept a back up, I would not have faced this. Saddest part was that I could get back all other pictures except for those that were stored in meant for my blog. With the hustle to get settled in a new house I just forgot what all I stored and had meant to be posted. It was painful as I had so many pictures and now with my job I find it more difficult to cope up with blogging. Dear blogger friends, these days I don't even get time to log in to my mailbox, hence no time to do blog hopping nor blogging, hope I will get back once for all like before. Unlike before you may not see many posts often, but I cannot leave blogging. I just cannot because this is where I found peace and life. And many thanks to my lovely readers out there. Though the pace of blogging for sure has reduced, no regrets do I have, as I can do this whenever I want, no deadlines like any other job. So today I am here after 2 months. A long gap indeed when I look back, as I see days when I used to have one post per day. Today I have a simple green gram and potatoes gravy that goes well with rotis/ parathas. It can be prepared easily with all ingredients that are readily available. It is a great combination with rice too. This is how I prepared.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Aloo puffs / Potato Puffs

A month passed by since I last updated, was quite busy with my German language classes and the preparations to take exams, finally yesterday was done with that and feeling quite relieved as though a big task is over. But it is yet to begin, as day after tomorrow is going to be the first day at office here in Germany. A lot of new responsibilities to be taken and dealt with from now on. Don't know how well I can manage both my career and this baby blog, but still with a hope that I will continue this blogging though the frequency may not be as before. I would love to thank all my blogger friends who were continuously pouring their lovely comments and making me feel I am still a part of this Blogging world, and not to forget the few who did ask me, when I went missing. Thanks again for all the concerns showed too. Glad to have such a lovely group of people in this Blogosphere. A snack that I used to love as a school going kid was puffs, I remember my schooling in Gujarat, I used to ride around 4-5 km to school  along with friends and on the way back we used to enjoy puffs once in a week or so. It was an awesome experience and till date I and my friend remember that. Even when I was working initially, I remember the days when we friends used to feel tired and nothing great was getting cooked in our kitchen, we just used to rush to a shop nearby just to eat the hot puffs out from the oven. I felt nostalgic when I prepared it first time at home. Just a flashback I had, of all those sweet memories, as they came out of oven. I had prepared puffs long back with puff pastry sheets that are readily available and felt it to be an easiest snack to go with tea in the evenings but never got a chance to share here. Now this is a very common snack that I love to prepare whenever I feel like. Here I share how I did them

Monday, 19 May 2014

Hurikadale Laddu /Fried Gram Laddu / Maa ladoo / Puttukadalai Ladoo / Buna Chana Ladoo

A long long time it has been since I last updated . These days I don't even bother to click a pic of anything that I cook in my pantry. Well, from past many days I did try few things and till date never got enough time to just transfer them to PC and sit with them for some time. Now you might be thinking finally I got time, no I took my precious time which is meant to sleep at night (P.S. I am writing this post at midnight 1 am today). I am stumbling every now and then as though I have lost a touch with blogging. I somehow wanted to update a post today. Three days back we Indians got a new hope, a new beginning under the leadership of Mr. Narendra Modi. We celebrated his mandate. This ladoo is to mark the second Indian Independence for Indians from the clutches of the 10 years of darkness. A simple easy recipe with no chances of going wrong. Here I share my quick recipe with all.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Ananas Sheera / Pineapple Kesari / Pineapple Sheera / Pinapple Rawa Kesari

Pineapple Sheera/Ananas Kesari used to be the dessert that used to be served in our community especially during functions. I still remember the days of my childhood when I used to decide whether to attend or not a function based on the menu that was up for the day there. It is usually common to have in many big functions like marriages or bramhopadesham a breakfast menu with idli sambar and pineapple kesari. I used to love this pineapple kesari so much that I would never miss a function that had ananas/pineapple kesari in menu. It is considered to be a rich sweet, with the involvement of saffron or kesari in it along with loads of sugar, ghee and the flavor of cardamom and chunks of pineapple fruit along with loads of ghee fried cashew nuts and raisins. So here I share how I prepared this pineapple sheera.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Halittu Payasa

A payasa/kheer/payasam made mainly in Dakshina Kannada in Havyaka families during special occasions is Halittu payasa. It is a favourite payasa at my place. At times I feel it matches alot to the ada payasam prepared in Kerala. But Ada is prepared by sun drying and later used in payasam where as here sun drying is not involved. I feel the Havyakas, most prominent in Dakshina Kannada in Karnataka and Northern Kerala prepare this payasa/payasam/kheer. It is made out of thick rice noodles that is added to thin syrup of jaggery and coconut milk and cooked and further thick coconut milk is added along with crushed cardamom. It is devoured after offering to God. Vishu is a festival that falls in the second week of April which marks the transit of Sun to the first Zodiac sign (i.e. Aries) and it is believed that farmers start their agricultural activities after Vishu. On the day of Vishu, it is believed that day has equal number of daylight hours and darkness. With no delay let us move to this specific halittu payasa recipe.